About Coaching

The global spend in workplace development is estimated at more that $370BN with leadership development accounting for at least 40% of that, yet according to McKinsey most development initiatives fail to hit their mark, and as a result not much changes. A quick reflection on your own place of work, or even your own track record of sticking to your goals might echo this.

 High quality coaching delivers high quality change because unlike other forms of development it is bespoke -  tailored to you and the reality you operate in.  This benefit can be broken down as follows:

  • Context before content: coaching factors in that context is a critical component of success and aims to build behaviours and skills that are transportable to a variety of contexts, rather than one-size-fits all content
  • Balancing reflection and reality: coaching moves beyond theory using your real-life situations to reflect on and then craft an approach (plan, skills and tools) to effectively transform the given situation, thereby grounding first-hand experiential learning and a blueprint to repeat it again.
  • Mindset shift: change doesnt happen without a shift in behaviour, but the root of why people behave as they do lies in their underlying mindsets and beliefs.  Coaching examines these beliefs and gives clients to tools to transform them, which in turn is what brings about lasting behaviour change.
  • Measurement: coaching is outcomes-based. Together we set goals and while building approaches, skills and tools to achieve these, we constantly assess how youre doing and adjust to the changes within and around you.